Posture & Immobility Monitoring Device

Reduce musculoskeletal injuries, cardiovascular disease, and improve your staff's well-being.

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Are your employees experiencing these problems?

Musculoskeletal disorders.
Such as back pain, neck pain and shoulders pain.

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Mental issues.
Such as stress, burnout, low productivity and creativity.

How can our technology help your staff and increase the potential for profit?

Improve employee productivity, job performance and overall workplace environment.

Less musculoskeletal injuries, thus fewer worker compensation claims & lower health care costs.

Improve staff retention rate


Our technology can track and remind users to move and take breaks for a few minutes after 30-60 minutes of working or sitting.
It motivates users to be more active with rewards, competitions between members and training videos. Making it to become a fun experience.

A lot of researches have proven that being more active and taking regular breaks during the day will help reduce stress, improve brainpower, better memory, increase energy and improve creativity. 


Our technology can track and remind users to correct their posture if they are sitting/standing wrong.



You are communicating to your workers that you truly care about their health and happiness.
Greater job satisfaction because your workers feel great at work.​


Introducing the world's first posture & immobility tracker.

Designed to be mounted to your office chair.

Enjoy the maximum level of comfort and convenience because you don't have to wear it.


Posture monitoring

Monitor your posture & remind you when your posture is wrong.

It reminds you to leave your chair for a few mins after 30 - 60 mins of sitting.

Effective reminding

Our innovative reminding hub will make sure you don't miss the moments that matter for your well-being.

Companion app

Train & encourage you to live a better lifestyle.

Immobility monitoring


Easier and faster to remove for charging and swapping between chairs, such as between your home's and office's chair.

Many of us are working from home more often, right?

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One week battery life

So you can just charge it over the weekend, when you don't work.

LED Battery Status

When it turns red, time to charge it.

3D Scanning Sensors

We use the most advanced posture scanning technology, which allows the device to track your head, neck, shoulders, and back simultaneously and precisely.

Magnetic Connector

Makes it easy to remove for charging and swapping between chairs.

Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 11.15.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-06 at 1.32.58 PM.png

Track your head, neck, shoulders, and back

simultaneously and precisely.

A new way of reminding.

We understand the frustration of having too many annoying vibrations and being overloaded with notifications from your smartwatch or phone.


Often, we just ignore them because we are in the middle of doing something, and then we forget to do it later. 

Fortunately, we have invented a new way of reminding with our innovative reminding hub. It is separated from everything else and ensures that you don't miss the moments that matter for your well-being.

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Reminder Hub all.png

You're all good!

Maybe it's time to move and stretch your body a bit.

It's time to leave your chair.

Stay motivated with a progress bar & status update. 

Reminds you to move after 30-60 mins of sitting. 

Status LED bar tells you how long you have been sitting, when to move and adjust your posture.   

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Companion App.


Gives you a quick visual reference of your daily activity.

Gives you daily tips and recommendations to improve your health and productivity.

Guide you towards what you should do during your quick breaks such as a few quick full body stretch instruction videos. 

Comes with a...

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Why taking breaks at work can make you more productive?

  • It helps you to reduce burnout and stress.

  • It helps you to stay focusing longer.

  • It helps you to come up with solutions faster rather than being stuck for a long time. 

  • Breaks help you to process and retain information.

  • You’ll get a better sense of the bigger picture especially if you are a manager.

  • ...Click on the link or video below to learn more.

  • It helps you to reduce burnout and stress.

  • It helps you to stay focusing longer.

. . .

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What are the benefits of having a good posture?

Research shows that a poor posture negatively affects your ability to breathe deeply and fill your lungs.

. . .

  • Better breathing

  • Super self-confidence

  • Back relief

  • Improved mood

  • Optimal digestion

  • Reduced headaches

  • Greater function as you age

  • Boosted energy

  • Improved concentration

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