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Posture tracking to improve your wellbeing

Our unique laser technology accurately tracks your posture and alerts you when you aren't sitting up straight. It also recommends when you should take breaks to improve your focus and productivity

Companies choose Vanteks to improve their staff's posture

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Perfect posture for better performance

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SenPro will transform your posture and help to alleviate back and neck pain

Sitting incorrectly for long periods leads to aches and pains that affect your wellbeing and lowers your performance. With SenPro attached to the back of your chair you will automatically be notified when your posture becomes dangerous and alerted to sit up straight preventing the problem before it occurs.


Maintaining good posture is a long-term health investment

Bad posture has a significant impact on your mood and well-being. Not only can slouching cause sore necks, lower back pain and headaches that many of us put up with daily but it can also lead to high blood pressure, poor digestion and reduced lung capacity. 

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"I often get sore hips from slouching on one side. This device helped me sit up right, take breaks more regularly, which alleviated my back pain significantly"

Elise Hilliam

Co-Founder & CEO of MenuAid

More than 90% of SenPro's users saw significant improvements in posture in the first two weeks of use.

Check out the short video below to see how it works

Improve your posture

Discover your potential

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Build strong habits with intuitive reminders

Head and neck posture monitoring

Real-time feedback when slouching your head and neck, allowing for instant correction.

Back posture monitoring

Real-time feedback when slouching your back.

Detect when back is not rested against the chair

Not resting your back can cause unnecessary tension on your shoulder, resulting in back pain.

Detect when slouching to one side

Real-time feedback when slouching to one side

* What you are seeing is our testing prototype V2.0

SenPro Hub.

Meaningful notifications, Less distractions


On screen reminders are intrusive, distracting and can interrupt workflow. We needed a device to notify you in the least disruptive way possible.

Our Solution, the SenPro Hub. The Hub wirelessly connects to SenPro and knows exactly when you should fix your posture or take a break. The intuitive colour coded reminders on the Hub let you know when you should make an adjustment and update automatically when you take steps to improve your health.


No Clicking or swiping required!


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You're all good!

Maybe it's time to move and stretch your body a bit.

It's time to leave your chair.

Stay motivated with a progress bar & status update. 

Reminds you to move after 30-60 mins of sitting. 

Status LED bar tells you how long you have been sitting, when to move and adjust your posture.   


* What you are seeing is our Beta Version V1.0

Track progress with reports and leaderboards

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The new generation of posture training technology

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Advanced 3D sensors
Our patented LIDAR solution more accurately tracks your posture

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Secure and private
SenPro is not a camera, so you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns

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Lightweight and portable
Working from home? Effortlessley take SenPro with you

Magnetic chair mount
Easily attaches and detaches meaning set up is done right every time

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Customer Experience

90% of customers improved their posture

52% of customers experienced reduced back and neck pain

78% of customers take more regular breaks


Elise Hilliam
Co-Founder & Head of Nutrition for MenuAid

"I like it a lot, but mostly just a reminder of, firstly, how bad my posture was when I actually thought it wasn't that bad, and then it was. I felt like improved comfort in my chair as well, because sometimes I get sore hips from how I sat.

I also like the timer telling me when to stand up. And I also like, being able to see what my hours like how my percentages were and stuff. Because, like, it's sort of competitive by nature. So I like to be able to challenge myself."

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Edward Eaton
Founder & Director at The Buzz Club

"It gets me thinking about my posture way more! not just at work but also away from the device. I normally feel tired in the afternoon around 3 pm so I have to take coffee to stay awake, but since I use this device, I got better throughout the day."

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Jameela Jamal
Marketing Lead at Ministry of Awesome

"I think I like the fact that for the first week, the device just tracks your posture instead of warning you. And then after tracking your posture it kind of customised of how many alerts it should give you to allow your body some time to adjust.

"Before knowing about this product, I spend a lot of time looking down at my laptop. But after using this product and seeing how bad my posture was and I think this is why I have neck pain sometimes. So I started experimenting Okey let me connect to the monitor, making some adjustments to the chair such as raising the armrest, then those help a lot."

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Transform your posture today with SenPro

Improve your posture

Discover your potential

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