Why your posture matters

Working on your posture is one of the easiest things you can do improve your overall wellbeing. Posture affects more than you might think. Not only does bad posture hurt your back, it can also affect your mood, ability to concentrate and energy level.


What does good posture do? When you sit or stand with correct posture, it naturally puts less stress on your musculoskeletal system. Standing or sitting in a neutral position rather than hunching means that you don’t strain your hips, shoulders, neck, back or torso. As a result, you put less pressure on your bones, joints and ligaments. You also reduce the chance of developing tension headaches. Having good posture also makes it easier to breathe in fully, which allows you to better utilize oxygen that helps you focus and stay energized. Sitting upright allows your body to digest food better as well. Not only that, posture can make you feel better about yourself, due to the fact that you look more confident standing tall. Proper posture can even make you appear thinner, since your weight will be distributed better.

Why do we have bad posture? In many cases, poor posture simply starts as a bad habit. We’re always told to sit up straight as kids, but it’s easy to forget the importance. Sitting, standing and walking with better posture also requires a conscious effort. Unless you form a habit, it’s hard to remember your posture when there are other things to think about.

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