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Dear Kiwi, we need your support right now to help us launch this product!

By simply putting down a refundable $20, you are guaranteed to secure a total 30% OFF Launch Day Special! 

Your support will also show a strong indication of your interest, which will give us the confidence to invest our energy and resource into this project. 

Your deposit is safe with us, and we will not use it for any operational purposes.  


The first two months are free then $10.5/month for one year.

Cancel anytime after one year.

Available end 2022. 

If you change your mind, simply email us that you want a refund, we will manage to make a refund in the next working day.

Guaranteed 100% refund

You can cancel your reservation at any time before the launch. The $20 deposit is 100% refundable.

safe & Secure

Your privacy is our priority.

Order with ease through our secure payment network.

We'll never share or store your credit card information.


We appreciate your early support. We'll make sure you get involved and informed throughout the whole campaign.