What did our users say?


Jacyntha Joseph Michael

Business Development Manager

"I often have headaches and sore neck; since using this device, they have been reduced significantly."

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Daniel Nelson

Commercial Lead

"Yeah. Huge awareness of how I am sitting. You set the baseline for a week and then compared it to the first week with the device. And it's just like like I spent 40% of the time was bad posture. By the end of it, it was 1% of the time. And I struggled with pain for a long time and just that posture, try not to do head forward. And it was just like an awareness I'd never had before. So yeah, to me, it's indispensable. I really hope you don't take it away from me. And I'd be happy to pay to keep it."

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Toby Skilton


"I notice that when I didn't have it, I just naturally will just slowly lean forward, don't take breaks. And then I'd find myself with my arms on my desk. And that's when I'll be like crap, I need to sit up."

"What I do like as the simplicity, I think that you can just sit at a desk, and be notified when you're not sitting up straight is like really simple and quite novel."

"It didn't really interrupt me from my work"

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Elise Hilliam

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

"I like it a lot, but mostly just a reminder of, firstly, how bad my posture was when I actually thought it wasn't that bad, and then it was. I felt like improved comfort in my chair as well, because sometimes I get sire hips from how I sat"

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Edward Eaton

Founder & Director

"It gets me thinking about my posture way more! Not just at work but also away from the device. I normally feel tired in the afternoon around 3 pm, so I have to take coffee to stay awake, but since I use this device, I got better thought out the day."

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Jameela Jamal

Marketing Lead

"Before knowing about this product, I spend a lot of time looking down at my laptop. But after using this product and seeing how bad my posture was and I think this is why I have neck pain sometimes."

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